Why You Want To Get Rid Of Doug.scheer! A Inspector Gadget Movie! Is A Fan Fiction Special That Shows Inspector Gadget Getting Rid Of Doug.scheer!


Inspector Gadget Is Turned Into A Bad Guy,And Gadget Sues Doug.scheer And Must Destroy Him.In The End,Doug.scheer's Special:Hoops And Yoyo And Spike:T.U.F.F. Weridos Is Banned,Cancelling Hoops And Yoyo And Spike,And Gadget And Capeman Wacth Welcome To Sea Paradise,But 20 Days Later,Doug.scheer Ordered The Togepi From The Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Episode:"Where No Togepi Has Gone Before"To Unban Hoops And Yoyo And Spike,But Inspector Gadget And Coporal Capeman Are Enjoying Welcome To Sea Paradise.


This Is The Season Finale Of Nicktoon Later Years Season 1.

Doug.scheer Was Sick When This Was Made,So The Cartoon Version Of Him Is Voiced By Tom Kenny.