rascally and his super smart sidekick keenee are endlessly crazy fans of camando things . These truly original mutants have super imaginations and green yummy meat the likes you've never seen before. nyc is full of drama and misadventures from an accidental case of a cyan devil and more. 'rascally the mutant'

When younger, rascally was a of the big grandma club (however, according to keenee, idiot club had attempted to kill him. He also jumped in the mutant's lair. Later, he worked in a droopy team with keenee and lazy boy. At one point, the three entered an big grandma club fighting tournament, only to be single-handedly defeated by the cyan devil.rascally lives in nyc with keenee and trys to defeat ty the mutant killer.

keenee the mutant

keenee is a small super smart mutant that best friends with rascally. keenee initially lived alone in his toilet of goo until he met rascally. His objective in life being to protect his MOMMY and safeguard the toilet, until he learned of his noble heritage and the whereabouts of his best friend rascally.keenee respects rascally and helps him try to the defeat the "evil" ty the mutant killer.


a tall angry man who owns a old low-rank mutant killer business called the ty da the mutant killer across the street from the rascally and keenee lair .ty spends most of his time planning to kill rascally and keenee and lots of other mutants (occasionally with the assistance of his smart bulldog), though his attempts always end in failure.

'DR. gumory RABBOT'

is an enthusiastic fan of EVIL, rocks, manticores and the cyan devil. dr rabbot, the show's minor bad villian , wears a rubber orange ball suit and his trusty mini underwear on the outside of his evil eyes.Dr.rabbot has an evil mind, a zeal for speed, frolic, and evil, and he enjoys spending all of his time with his rock, rocky. His evil perspective tends to cause him trouble, but he usually finds a way to weasel out of any kind of jail bars.

'roy rabbot'

is a stunning fire-breathing hyrax and the leader of the zombie boy team,and nicknamed the "hyrax fire Master"[due to his mastery of fire powers.This mastery comes from dad hero gumory rabbot.[His skills make him a possible match to defeat rascally and keenee,whom he considers a rival.roy is aware of his duties as leader but must sometimes be helped by his team. Filled with extreme pride, the thing he likes most other than fire is himself. He hates losing and those who are more like rascally or more confident than him and fights using water